In my work I explore pessimism through painting using a childlike mode of expression that suggests innocence. Through reacquainting myself with childhood art and studying the elements that make it universally attractive, my work conveys childhood playfulness through color, shape and content while integrating an eeriness and seriousness in tone.


My current paintings begin with spontaneous gestures and bold colors to allow a playfulness that sometimes becomes aggressive. I have been working in various scales in an effort to create fully articulated spaces that are a relationship of their parts.  Through this process, I arrest surprising moments of seemingly child-like figurative content and shape them (sometimes ambiguously) into forms in an effort to organize the chaos of abstraction. I start by finding one gestural area that jumps out as figurative, reminiscent of a body, face or animal. This categorization of mark-making allows subtle representations similar to my initial figure to reveal themselves. Throughout the work, I continue to spot and define recurring images, oscillating between control and spontaneity, resulting in a tensioned surface. Most recently, in an effort to guide my viewer through my paintings, yet allow for a unique interpretation, I have been working to subvert my images and force them further into the background. By making the figuration more difficult to find, each viewer is given a guided opportunity to create a singular narrative, similar to the experience of hunting for various likenesses among the clouds.